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Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati

Classical Archaeologist. Digital Humanist. Data Enthusiast.


As a teacher, I serve as a guide, mentor, and resource to my students as they work together to build their analytical and digital skills. Whether in a single workshop, over the course of an academic term, or in the field, my aim is to cultivate a collaborative space which drives students to active engagement with the subject matter, the academic community, and the public at large.


Students learn best when they are actively engaged in building their knowledge and analytical skills. By presenting structured, complex questions for students to grapple with and methodological guidance and resources, I encourage students to scaffold a coherent and logical approach to unfamiliar topics and problems which they can carry with them to their next course, project, or job.


The classroom (whatever form it may take) is a laboratory for knowledge creation through trial and error. I build in time for discussing and workshoping students’ and my own works-in-progress, since giving and receiving constructive (and sometimes critical) feedback is integral to improving one’s work. Practicing these skills in a safe space where process is weighed as much as product allows students to become confident and fruitful contributors to any type of project.


Building may take many forms, from the abstract progression over the course of an academic term to the concrete construction of physical and digital objects. To encourage students to view their work as an iterative process of knowledge-building, I state clear learning objectives at every meeting and structure all meetings around term-long themes. To cultivate critical thinking through making, I design assignments which utilize students’ burgeoning analytical skills and subject matter knowledge to complete meaningful written and digital projects.

See my CV for a list of classes and workshops.